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Alpha Women

The world is literally bursting with Alpha women. Unfortunately these bossy, commanding, and domineering women have been systematically shamed into submission by a society that is more comfortable with helpless girls than independent women. But there is good news on the horizon. Research is now showing that women are becoming more comfortable in the dominant role. StalkerBEE’s hypnotic artwork will help you identify and interact with these women in a manner that will be pleasing to you both.

Beta Men

Unfortunately most men in western society have been ridiculed for the smallest amount of subservience, especially to powerful women. Men who would be perfectly happy kissing the ass of a strict female boss, or authoritative significant other must now shame her or risk the ridicule of their peers. But, once again there is good news. With the advent of the internet people are seeing just how prevalent these desires are. Behavior that was once taboo is now openly discussed and explored. StalkerBEE’s artwork is here to help you join this new world of inclusion.

alpha woman
beta male

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Keeping it light

StalkerBEE’s femdom hypnosis art is a great place for the novice enthusiast to start.

Are you a fetishest who gets aroused by female aggression or control?

Do you like being a porn addict, or masturbation junky, and wish for this condition to be aggravated?

Do you get aroused when a woman is dismissive of you? Then the soft side of femdom hypnosis is for you!

Please Laugh at me.

Women laugh at you

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Stop it!

So you say you are beta but you don’t know what to do about it. First off stop being such a wierdo. Women can smell beta on you so stop pretending you are not. I know you are wondering what you are doing. You say, but I am a complete loser, a troll. Yes. But you bask in it. You have lost your shame. A dominant woman wants to interact with beta males who not only know they are inadequate perverts, but are also highly ashamed of this fact. An obsessed pervert is a threat to a woman. He is unsafe. But if she senses your anxiety and guilt about your obsessions, perversions, and addictions she will instinctively know that you can be controlled.

Start it!

StalkerBEE’s art not only instills a proper amount of shame and guilt into your deviant sexuality, but it will also use these desires to turn everyday interactions with women into opportunities to display your beta qualities. While women are generally not interested in dating or have sexual interactions with betas they will be more then happy for your obsessive need to be of service. Women get a raw deal in western society. If a male does something nice for a woman she has to wonder if this comes with expectations. The hypnotraining you find here will help you communicate your desire to submit, to be used, without receiving anything in return.

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femdom programming

Welcome to the Hive!

These might be the last words you remember hearing. The hive uses a combination of heavy conditioning and intense hypnosis, to emotionally condition the subject to crave female dominance. The Hive is rooted in complete Female Supremacy and will push most hypno addicts further than they thought they wanted to go.

Once the Hive has gained access to your midbrain it will install the necessary punishers and rewarders to create reflexive beta behaviors. Women will have more control over you. If they are upset with you, you will do everything in your power to correct the problem. You will feel it is your responsibility to be the counterbalance for all the male negativity women must continually tolerate.

You will objectify women. Lust after women. Just as you would a goddess. Your sexual functions will be linked to your treatment and service to women as a whole.

Over time your sexual release will be impossible if any woman is displeased with you. Your fetish for Dominant Women has now become a way of life. You have transcended. You are now the beta you were genetically created to be. Your life will be a rollercoaster of pleasure and pain control by the whims of the women in your life. And they don’t even have to know.

WARNING! The Hive is only for beta males who want a life changing experience.

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Is there some obsession that you really want to get screwed up over?

Perhaps it’s someone at the office. Or that girlfriend who recently broke your heart?

Maybe it’s someone who has no idea you exist?

Or maybe you just want to be trained to be more submissive to your wife, or your mother in-law?

Do you want to watch a video of your wife cuckolding you with your boss?

We have you covered. We think it’s great that you want to be more submissive around the women in your life, and by adding content from their social media pages we can help kick that into overdrive. Just the sight of her face or the sound of her voice will send a shudder down your spine, and a twitch in your crotch. While these services can be more expensive it is equally more effective.

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